Ing. Hubert Bachl-Hesse

Certified expert for low-voltage electrical installations

I was born in Vienna in 1965 and graduated as an electrical engineer at Höhere Technische Lehranstalt, TGM in Vienna.

My professional career started in 1985 as a test engineer and continued as head of testing and quality manager at Cooperative Testing Institute – CTI-VIENNA. During that time I also got involved in measurements and assessment of the body impedance of humans and life stock.

In 1993 I changed to EH-Schrack Components AG as head of research and development department, being also responsible for approbation matters and patent affairs.

By end of 1994 I returned to CTI-VIENNA and took over the Technical as well as the General Management of the company.

Between 2007 and 2013 I was a member of the board of directors of the Electrical Safety Foundation – ESF-VIENNA.

In 2016 I resigned from my functions at CTI-VIENNA and founded my own company as consulting engineer being a Member of the Austrian Association of Consulting Engineers and as a certified expert for low voltage electrical installations, protective measures, earthing, overvoltage protection and switchgear.

My special areas of expertise are overvoltage protection and protective measures in electrical installations and for equipment. In this area I am also convenor and member of various national and international technical committees at OVE, CENELEC and IEC.

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nomenclature areas 65.20, 65.91

Ospelgasse 1-9/2/40
A-1200 Vienna

Tel.: +43 664 345 31 37


Ing. Hubert Bachl-Hesse


Multimeters and Multimeterclamps:
incl. temperature und temperature difference, THD, harmonics, power 1~

  • 5-digit AC+DC precison digital multimeter with double display, 100 kHz, 1.000 V (CAT IV)
  • AC multimeter-/leakage current clamp, 1 mA – 100 A, 1 kHz, 600 V (CAT III)
  • AC+DC multimeter-/current clamp up to 400 A, 500 Hz, 600 V (CAT III)
  • AC current clamps up to 1.000 A, 5 kHz, 600 V (CAT III)

Oscilloscopes and Recorders:

  • Tektronix TBS 1152B, 150 MHz, 2 Gs/s, 8 Bit, 2-channels 300 V (CAT II)
  • Yokogawa DL350 (max. 2 plugin modules, several hours runtime on battery)
  • Yokogawa DL850 (max. 8 plugin modules, dual capture, math functions, etc.)
  • Yokogawa 4-channel plugin-module, 300 kHz, 1 Ms/s, 16 Bit, 4 fully isolated channels 400 V (CAT II)
  • Yokogawa 2-channel highspeed plugin-modules, 3 MHz, 10 Ms/s, 12 Bit, 2 fully isolated channels 400 V (CAT II)
  • Yokogawa 2-channel highspeed plugin-modules, 20 MHz, 100 Ms/s, 12 Bit, 2 fully isolated channels each 1.000 V (CAT II)

Probes and current sensors (clamps):

  • 100:1 voltage probes + accessories up to 3.540 V (CAT I), 1.000 V (CAT III), 600 V (CAT IV), 500 MHz
  • 10:1 voltage probes + accessories up to 1.000 V (CAT III), 600 V (CAT IV), 300 MHz
  • AC+DC current sensor/clamp, 1 mA – 30 A, 100 kHz, 300 V (CAT III)
  • AC+DC current sensors/clamps, 10 A – 2.000 A, 20 kHz, 300 V (CAT III)


  • Installation tester + accessories
  • EV-Charging station tester + accessories
  • coating thickness tester
  • infrared camera + pyrometer
  • microscope camera
  • endoscope camera

More details and data sheets are available upon request.